About Stakinglab

Established in early 2017 in Germany, Stakinglab was launched with an objective to offer a comprehensive platform to investors and project owners for proof of stake coin, masternode coin and other relevant services.

StakingLab is now a renowned instant masternode and POS service provider. Our strong team has helped us build a large user community. We are currently serving more than 10k active members out of total 30k members community. Currently, Stakinglab enables entrepreneurs to list their coins on our digital platform that serves for more than 30k community members.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to offer advisory and POS services to every investor in this fast moving, ever evolving crypto/digital industry and provide a sophisticated platform for project owners to manage end to end project delivery.

Our vision is to create a marketplace for all crypto investors to achieve their objective starting from first-hand information about POS/masternode coins, the best coin to staking, ICOs, platform to buy and sell, community building and mind sharing. The platform would serve as a single place to project owners to kick off their crowdsourcing to achieve their project goals.

Our Services

A staking pool offers its community a high uptime by providing reward infrastructure and frequent rewards even when someone has a small amount of coins. Normally it takes weeks for small investors to get a staking reward. However, since you are staking along with a community, your rewards are frequent and comparatively better.

The shared masternode is proved to be a boon for small investors as you do not have to invest alone in for the collateral amount which is an essential part of the masternode. The defined collateral amount is shared among a team of investors, making it easy to enjoy masternode benefits.

You can deposit your coins and leave the node like a normal pos pool and you will start earning rewards immediately. We have also provided an option to re-invest to this node without having any wait time or setup time. The beauty is that even after having such a unique offering, you can withdraw your coins anytime.

Hosting a masternode isn’t a piece of cake for a non-technical investor as involves setting up an infrastructure. Stakinglab makes this entire exercise easier by providing its extremely user friendly platform known as Clicknode and also offer a dashboard with useful statistics on Masternode rewards, reward value in USD & BTC etc.

Marketing & advertising is a very intensive job and we have got best in class team to assist you with your marketing needs. Our experts first thoroughly understand your unique concept and design innovative marketing strategy to help achieve your project goals.

Our several years of experience of working in crypto, digital and block chain industry comes handy while we commit to help a customer. We have helped multiple Fintec startups in strategizing their concepts into working prototypes, block chain development, sales and marketing and finally turning the idea into a useful solution to the community.

Stakinglab Coin

Currency to empower stakinglab’s ecosystem


Read Our Documents

We encourage everyone to read the documents mentioned below to gain more insight about the project.


Uses Case - Stakinglab's Payment System
Platform development
Stakinglab coin integration with Clicknode & stakinglab platform
Use Case - Crypto/Blockchain hiring platform
Platform development
Customer onboarding
Resume services
Use Case - Blockchain as Service
Plug and play system integrators for blockchain wallet testing
Other market driven blockchain system integrator
Exchange listing
Use Case - Clicknode
Clicknode Website development
Clicknode platform development
Beta Platform launch
Clicknode Launch
Interface Launch
Block Explorer
Wallet Release
Private Sale
Pre-sale for selected investors
Open Sale
Social Media Campaign
Bounty program kick off
Youtube campaign kickoff
Referral Program kickoff
Concept finalization
Feasibility study
Market Study
Use Cases
Core team
Brand Identity Launch
Enhanced Website
Elite investor group formation
Coin Website development
ICO platform development
Whitepaper Release
Getting Ready
Blockchain development
Coin Explorer Development
Invitation to private investors
Wallet Development

Coin Specification

Coin Name
Block Reward
0,1 - 18 LAB
Masternode Collateral
1000 - 2000
Masternode Reward
75 - 85%
Proof of Stake Reward
10 - 20%
Block Time
120 sec
Total Supply

Coin Distribution

  • 65% Expansion
  • 15% Development
  • 10% Reserve
  • 7% Marketing
  • 3% Staffing
  • 59% Crypto Exchange
  • 17% BAAS
  • 12% Hiring Platfrom
  • 12% Payment System

Reward Structure

The table below illustrates a comprehensive reward details to participants at different levels.


Our Wallets

You can download pre-compiled wallets by click on the respective link according to your operative system.

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